Love is, Love Ain't

About Us

Love is Love Ain’t is taken from a scene in Toni Morrison’s Beloved, where Paul D and Sethe have been ruminating on their relationships (familial and conjugal) and what it means to love too much. One insists that “thin love ain’t love at all.” We’ve taken these lines as our inspiration and intend to take a humorous (we hope!) yet serious approach to discussing our experiences in and out of love and courtship. We’ve been friends for a long time, and realized that our relationship experiences aren’t as different as one would think. We’ve decided to share them in hopes of broadening the dialogue on black love and its various manifestations. We hope you’ll join us!

About the authors:

Sista Outsider is a 41 year-old lesbian femme, currently pursuing a doctorate at a large university in the Midwest.  Married for six years in her previous life, she has been out for the last 16 years and feels uniquely qualified to ruminate on same-sex (queer if you will) relationships as well as offer her opinions on others as well.

M-Boogie is a 20-something year-old single woman currently pursuing her doctorate at a reputable southern university. She has been on an unpredictable yet exciting journey that will hopefully lead her to the man of her dreams. While only having three meaningful, monogamous relationships, she has met, dated, and secretly loved a colorful range of boys and men giving her the insight needed to discuss this thing called love.


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Tell it, ladies! I’ve added you to my blogroll and am very much reading your experiences! Peace. 🙂

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